Maxwell Documents: Epstein Allegedly Trafficked Girls to Powerful Men – Including American Politicians – So That He Could Blackmail Them

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victim, Virginia Giuffre, allege the reason Epstein trafficked Giuffre to powerful men all over the world was so that he could potentially blackmail them.

Court filings from 2015 allege that Giuffre (referred to as Jane Doe …

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Maxwell Documents: Giuffre Flown to Other Cities to Meet with Epstein’s Friends, Girls as Young as 12 Involved in Trafficking Ring

According to recently unsealed documents, Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre was sent to other cities to perform sex acts with Epstein’s “friends” between 10-15 times.

Giuffre says that Epstein told her that girls as young as 12 years old were …

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Maxwell Documents: Epstein and Maxwell Asked Giuffre About Her History, Knew She “Wasn’t Very Stable at Home”

Virginia Giuffre says Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell knew how old she was before they began sexually abusing her.

During her first visit with Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion, which was at Maxwell’s request, Giuffre says she was asked …

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Virginia Giuffre Alleges Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Abused Her From Her Very First Meeting

Virginia Giuffre, perhaps Jeffrey Epstein’s best known victim, claims that she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein, along with his alleged “madame” Ghislaine Maxwell during their very first meeting – which when she was just 15 years old.

The claims …

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Portland Protester Who Allegedly Threw IED at Federal Courthouse Inadvertently Outed by His Grandmother, Turns Himself In

An ANTIFA rioter who allegedly threw an improvised explosive device at a federal courthouse in Portland, OR, has turned himself in. He was reportedly convinced to surrender by his sister.

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