Sharing Accurate Information is Imperative to Defeating the Globalists and the Surveillance State

A lot of people ask me what they can do to make sure information that exposes the surveillance state and the globalists plot for one-world government gets around.  My response?  Share! Share! Share!  It’s imperative to share the links to accurate information so that the truth gets out about what the globalists are trying to do to us and the dangers that we are facing.

I summed it up a the end of last week’s podcast episode which I turned into a brief clip below:


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Why You Should Join Gab, the Free Speech Social Media Platform

Gab is a free speech social media platform that aims to give its users a platform to express free thoughts and ideas without the threat of being banned or de-platformed.  The service has been around for years but has recently experienced an explosion in new users as more and more freedom-loving people from all over the world come to understand the danger that Big Tech and the Surveillance State represent to ordinary citizens.

The following is a letter Gab users received this morning from Andrew Torba, Founder and CEO of Gab.  I thought it would be best for Andrew to explain what Gab is and why you should be on it in his own words:

Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Torba and I’m the CEO of

Gab is a free speech software company. We build open source software with the primary purpose of conserving and exporting the uniquely American value of free speech to the world online.

Our most popular product is, our social media platform with millions of users from around the world. On Gab the rules are simple: if it’s legal speech, it’s allowed. Illegal content and activity is not allowed.

Gab also follows American privacy law in regards to protecting user data. We believe that privacy is a human right and that the dignity of a sovereign individual should be respected.

We don’t just say these things, we actively defend these values everyday. For example we regularly protect the privacy of international Gab users by turning down speech-related data requests.

On a regular basis foreign governments attempt to censor or no-platform individuals on Gab for “offensive” or “hateful” speech that is 100% protected by the first amendment and our user guidelines. We reject these requests and in doing so are exporting American freedoms to people all over the world on the internet.

We are also proud of our relationship with US law enforcement and the balance of due process, privacy, and free speech to keep criminal activity out of our community.

For over three years now the mainstream media and establishment players in the Silicon Valley cabal have smeared Gab because they do not share our values.

For holding the values described above, Gab has faced unique challenges on our journey. We have been no-platformed from dozens of service providers including both app stores, hosting providers, domain registrars, payment processors, and even banks. We’ve overcome these challenges by building our own infrastructure and by leveraging censorship-resistant technology like bitcoin.

The rise in the censorship of American citizens by American corporations and the subversion of democracy by those same US corporations is harrowing to me as a Christian American. Silicon Valley companies do not share my Christian values and indeed have a consistent history of silencing Christians online.

Free speech is at the forefront of the 2020 election. In just the past year we saw Democratic Presidential candidates and mainstream media personalities calling for Twitter to ban President Trump’s account.

Twitter then quickly announced that they will be removing the ability to like, reply, or repost President Trump’s tweets that are “abusive” according to their standards.

This isn’t “democracy” and it certainly isn’t “normal.”

Big Tech’s unchecked power to dictate who can speak, who can make money, and who can exist online is only part of the bigger picture.

Big Tech is curating and editorializing the legal political speech of American citizens and limiting the reach and engagement of the President of the United States.

Big Tech is socially engineering the American electorate.

Studies have shown that biased Google search results can swing and influence elections. Facebook has admitted to conducting psychological experiments on users. Facebook is building a literal mind reading device. Google was working with China to build a censored search engine. Pinterest censored pro-life and Christian content from their site.

Silicon Valley’s bravado has also inspired the Chinese government to project their values of censorship, communism, and control on millions of Americans online.

Many of the top mobile game and mobile apps are owned and controlled by the Chinese. Apps like Tiktok have already censored content that criticizes the Chinese government, but not just in China. They are doing it to Americans too.

These two versions of the internet are different sides of the same tyrannical coin. This corporate or foreign state-controlled internet isn’t the internet I want my daughter to grow up with. This isn’t the internet the people of the world deserve.

On Gab users are not the product, they are the customer. Gab monetizes by selling an optional service called GabPro. For the cost of a cup of coffee every month, GabPro users can get verified and unlock additional features.

We also offer a free speech web browser that automatically blocks all Big Tech ads and trackers. The browser includes a universal comment section across the entire internet. Users can comment on any URL and also see what others are commenting.

What we all need to realize is that together we vastly outnumber Silicon Valley. They only control us only as long as you and I continue to let them do it.

I refuse to allow it any longer.

So we are building the free speech internet, and I’d like for you to join us.

God bless,

Andrew Torba


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Justice for Floyd? Sure, But Let’s Just Make Sure the Instagram Shot is Just Right

IG “influencers” are using protests against police brutality as backdrops for their photoshoots and it’s causing a serious backlash.  The behavior shows that many of the participants don’t know why they’re there and are just following marching orders.







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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Saturday 6/6/20

Dutch Nightclub Tries Dancing – At a Distance


Retail Outlets Along I95 Close as Looters Target Suburbs


Military Pilot Grounded After Low-Flying Maneuver Used to Disperse Protesters from Near the White House


Lisa Page Hired by MSNBC As a Legal Analyst


Israelis Protest Netanyahu’s Plan to Annex Parts of Palestinian Land


Buffalo Cops Who Shoved Elderly Man Charged with Assault


“FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. If a black person tells you to do something, you do it immediately without question”: White Protesters in Australia Are Given Rules Before Attending Protests


Amazingly, Covid19 is No Longer Transmissible During Protests of Up to 100 People


The Fed Bought Corporate Debt – Companies Spent the Funds on Dividends While Firing Millions


How and Why Did the Russia Collusion Story Start? Republicans on the Hill Search for Answers


Trying to Gin Up Pro-War Sentiment, IAEA Says Iran’s “Nuclear Stockpile” Rose by 50% During Covid Lockdown


Biotech Examines Himalayan People in Search of Advanced Human DNA


3 Protesters Follow Police Officers Home, Throw Molitov Cocktails Igniting Police Cars


Israeli Company Develops “Disinfectant Tunnel” For Entrance to Sports Stadiums, Other Public Venues


Entire Buffalo Police Unit Resigns in Protest After Fellow Officers Suspended for Shoving Elderly Protestor

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Friday 6/5/20

Louisville Police Officers Walk Out on Mayor Before Address Days After Mayor Fired City’s Police Chief


Understanding Mob Mentality


“Stand Up to Trump”: Canadians Protesters Berate Trudeau at Anti-Racism Rally


North Korea Lashes Out at South Korea, Accuses it of Failing to Stop Defectors From Sending Leaflets Across the Border


DC Mayor Has Huge “Black Lives Matter” Mural Painted on Street Near White House


Trump, in Rebuff to Globalists, Extends Invitation to Diplomacy with Iran


“Stalkerware” is Illegal But Laws Have Not Slowed its Spread


Attacks on 5G Towers Could be Coming This Weekend


Statistician: ‘U.S. Officials Exaggerated Their COVID Death Toll’


USC Professor: “There’s No Scientific Proof Social Distancing Prevents COVID19”


Australia: “Politicians Don’t Have the Guts to Admit the COVID Crisis Was Exaggerated


Covid19: The Facts Changed But the Government’s Policies Didn’t


St. Louis Police Release Photos of 7 Looters Who Murdered Retired Police Captain David Dorn


Rioters in NY Attack Curtis Silwa, Founder of the Guardian Angels, with Hammer, Break His Jaw


Does the Cure for Covid19 Already Exists? Andreas Kalcker Discusses Chlorine Dioxide as a Possible Therapy


NBC News Continues Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine Even After Major Study Criticizing the Drug Retracted by Its Publishers


DC Mayor Evicts Utah National Guard From Hotels, 1,200 U.S. Troops From 10 States Kicked Out


Joe Biden With a “Deplorables” Moment: 10-15% of Americans Are “Just Not Very Good People”


Minneapolis City Council Looks to Abolish Police Department, Replace Officers with Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals


Wall Street Shocked As Economy Adds 2.5 Million Jobs, Unemployment Drops to 13.3%

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Project Veritas Infiltrated Antifa: “It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy”

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Thursday 6/4/20

Feds Are Already Going After “Leaders of ANTIFA And Other Organizations”: DHS Secretary


NY Times Issues Apology for Publishing Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed


ANTIFA to Be Bused to Area of Sparta, Illinois With Orders to Burn Farmhouses, Kill Livestock in Rural “White” Areas


Group Started By Mom Dedicated to Ending Transgender Story Hour Deleted From Facebook for Third Time


Two 5G Stations to Be Installed On Top of Mt. Everest Says China


White House Plans $1 Trillion for Next Stimulus


Vegas Has Reopened and It Looks Like it Hasn’t Skipped a Beat


Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick: We Need to Return God to Our Lives, “We Cannot Heal Through More Laws”


Evidence Emerges Violent Riots Are Being Orchestrated, DOJ to Investigate


“We Still Expect to Be Paid”: Mall Company Sues Gap for $70M


“Break Up Amazon”: Tesla’s Elon Musk


Protestors Vandalize Ghandi (Architect of Non-Violent Political Protests) Statue Outside of Indian Embassy

Oh, Nevermind – Researchers Retract Study That Found Hydroxychloroquine Is Not Effective in Treating Covid19


Comptroller Scott Stringer Wants NYC’s Mayor De Blasio to Cut NYPD Funding by $1 Billion


Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio: “We Are Beginning to See Democracy Slip Into Anarchy”


Canada’s Telus, BCE to Use Nokia, Ericsson to Build 5G Systems, in a Diss to China’s Huawei


Los Angeles Cutting $100-$150 Million From LAPD Budget to be “Reinvested in Black Communities and Communities of Color”


1 NYPD Officer Stabbed in Neck, 2 Others Shot in Violent Attack

All 4 Officers Involved in George Floyd’s Death Charged, in Custody


LEGO Requests Affiliate Retailers Pull Marketing for Police, Fire House, White House Play Sets in Wake of George Floyd’s Death

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