The Duran with a Message to America: Beware a Color Revolution Masquerading as Social Justice Protests

In this episode of The Duran, Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the upcoming meeting between leaders of Serbia and of the breakaway province of Kosovo.

They discuss the color revolution that took place in 2000 and draws parallels …

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Twitter Takes War on Trump Tweets to Next Level – Labels Satirical Video “Manipulated Media”

The social media giant Twitter has begun a low-key (and perhaps not so low-key) campaign to censor the President’s messages on its platform. Last month it called the President’s tweets about …

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Police Dispatcher: “Is Anybody Out There?” Atlanta Left to Fend for Itself As Police Officers Walk Out to Protest Charges to Officers in Rayshard Brooks Case

Grace from ReallyGraceful analyzes the massive cover up that took place in Atlanta last night that the mainstream news media refuses to report.

Atlanta police officers walked off the job last night in protest of charges brought against two officers …

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Samantha Marika: “You’re Being Used” – “Black Lives Matter Only When They Need Your Vote”

Samantha Marika posted an important message on YouTube in which she implores the African-American community to realize that Democrats are only exploiting racial strife because it is an election year.

“I want us to listen and to think as logically …

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Raw Body Cam Footage Shows Atlanta Shooting Victim Rayshard Brooks Being Treated Respectfully and Calmly by Officers Prior to His Resisting Arrest

Twenty-seven-year-old Rayshard Brooks was shot outside of an Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta, GA, last Friday night for allegedly resisting arrest and firing a taser-weapon at a police officer that he had wrestled away from another officer.

Police were called to …

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David Icke: It’s All About Division – If You’re the Few and You Want to Control the Many, You Have to Divide the Many

Author and speaker David Icke talks about how the globalist movement is using all current events – the Covid pandemic, racial strife – to control the perceptions of the masses.

The purpose of controlling perceptions, Icke says, is to control …

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Anarchists in Seattle’s Autonomous Zone Spend Their Time Boozing, Partying, Wonder Why They’re Not Being Taken Seriously

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Nurse Working in NYC Hospital with Bombshell Whistleblower Report: Non-Covid Patients Being Roomed With Covid Patients in the Hopes They Will Contract Virus

Erin Marie Olszewski is an Iraqi-war vet who has spent the last several months on the front lines of the Covid19 pandemic.  She has been working at Elmhurst hospital in Queens, NY, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United …

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Tucker Carlson Breaks Down How Globalists Brainwash People: “The First Thing They Attack Always is the Family”

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson talks about the playbook globalists and communists use in brainwashing people and converting them into members of their “cult.”

“The first thing they attack always is the family.  Families are the main impediment to brainwashing …

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“If You Get Rid of the Police the Vulnerable Will Suffer Most” – The Duran Discusses the Bizarre Policies Being Put Forth by Globalist Elements


The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the unrest currently taking place in America and the movement to remove statues from American cities as well as cities all over the world.

“Who controls the past controls the …

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