Actor Randy Quaid: “Is this the way America goes — from George Washington to George Soros?”

Actor Randy Quaid posted a powerful video on Twitter last week of what can be described as a call to arms for American patriots.

“Is this the …

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Bill Gates Says World “Won’t Return to Normal” Until “Second Generation” of Covid Super Vaccines Arrive

In an interview with NBC News this week, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates warned the world “won’t return to normal” until “a lot people” take a second-generation Covid vaccine – and that could still be years away.

Gates acknowledged first-generation …

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Pompeo: We Have Clinton’s Missing Emails and Will Begin Releasing Them Before Election Day

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the Trump administration is in possession of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and will begin releasing them prior to Election Day.

Clinton deleted a large cache of emails from her personal server which she …

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Jason Whitlock on BLM: “You’ve Got to Usher Out God to Usher in Immorality”

Outkick sports reporter Jason Whitlock appeared on The Ingraham Angle Friday night, to discuss the firing of Illinois State football coach Kurt Beathard.

Beathard, a devout Christian, was fired after replacing a “Black Lives Matter” sign found on his door …

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Kamala Harris Refuses to Answer Question on Whether She and Biden Will Pack Supreme Court

Kamala Harris once again refused to answer the question of whether she and VP Joe Biden would pack the U.S. Supreme Court with liberal-leaning justices if they were victorious in November’s election.

Biden refused to answer the question in last …

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Watch: Three Police Officers Receive Standing Ovation After Walking into Washington, D.C. Bar

Three police officers received a standing ovation upon entering Harry’s Restaurant …

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Declassified Handwritten Notes From Brennan: Hillary Clinton Proposal Approved to “Vilify Donald Trump by Stirring Up” Russian Interference Scandal

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified documents yesterday that appear to show former CIA Director John Brennan confirming that the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign concocted the Russian election interference scandal to cause trouble for Donald Trump.

The documents include …

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Left-Wing Media Credits Raheem Kassam With Exposing Coup Plot Planned by Transition Integrity Project

Raheem Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse, is being credited with exposing a coup attempt being plotted by the “Transition Integrity Project.”

The TIP purports to be an independent, bipartisan group dedicated to the peaceful transition of power between …

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Bill De Blasio Shutting Down 11 Zip Codes in NYC Just to Be “Proactive”

New York City’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio (D), admitted that …

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