Did Sweden’s Policy on the Covid Lockdown Work? No Says International Press, Yes Say Actual Swedes

The following is a comment from a person living in Sweden who felt the need to comment on the recent stories in the press that Swedish officials have somehow begun backtracking on their decision not to shutdown the entire country in the face of the Covid19 fake pandemic:

This is total…perversion of what actually happened. People in charge are trying to whitewash their incompetence (or worse) and presstitues are helping them.

Here a comment from a Sweden fella, who is in the middle of this story (courtesy of Tom Woods):


I need to comment on the news circulating that makes people believe that Sweden has somehow admitted defeat with regards to their pandemic response. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anders Tegnell, the primary Swedish state epidemiologist, was asked during an interview if he would have done things differently if he had known what he knows now about the virus. He answered that yes, of course as we learn more things about this new virus every day, there are always some improvements that one can make. The media took this as a sign that he’d admitted that the Swedish strategy had failed.

If I was red-pilled about the media before, what do you call the state beyond red-pilled? Because that’s where I’m at right now.

Tegnell reassured at the press conference yesterday that he would not have changed the Swedish strategy, and he then emphasized that the Swedish strategy is a “threat to the rest of the world,” meaning that it could easily discredit everyone who imposed a lockdown. When asked during the press conference what exactly he could have done differently, he responded that Sweden should have not closed down the high schools, for example. In other words, the problem he had isn’t that Sweden did too little. It’s that they might have overreacted when closing the high schools

<end of quote>

The note was left in the comment section of an article originally written on Zerohedge.  The article can be read in its entirety here.

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Friday 6/5/20

Louisville Police Officers Walk Out on Mayor Before Address Days After Mayor Fired City’s Police Chief


Understanding Mob Mentality


“Stand Up to Trump”: Canadians Protesters Berate Trudeau at Anti-Racism Rally


North Korea Lashes Out at South Korea, Accuses it of Failing to Stop Defectors From Sending Leaflets Across the Border


DC Mayor Has Huge “Black Lives Matter” Mural Painted on Street Near White House


Trump, in Rebuff to Globalists, Extends Invitation to Diplomacy with Iran


“Stalkerware” is Illegal But Laws Have Not Slowed its Spread


Attacks on 5G Towers Could be Coming This Weekend


Statistician: ‘U.S. Officials Exaggerated Their COVID Death Toll’


USC Professor: “There’s No Scientific Proof Social Distancing Prevents COVID19”


Australia: “Politicians Don’t Have the Guts to Admit the COVID Crisis Was Exaggerated


Covid19: The Facts Changed But the Government’s Policies Didn’t


St. Louis Police Release Photos of 7 Looters Who Murdered Retired Police Captain David Dorn


Rioters in NY Attack Curtis Silwa, Founder of the Guardian Angels, with Hammer, Break His Jaw


Does the Cure for Covid19 Already Exists? Andreas Kalcker Discusses Chlorine Dioxide as a Possible Therapy


NBC News Continues Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine Even After Major Study Criticizing the Drug Retracted by Its Publishers


DC Mayor Evicts Utah National Guard From Hotels, 1,200 U.S. Troops From 10 States Kicked Out


Joe Biden With a “Deplorables” Moment: 10-15% of Americans Are “Just Not Very Good People”


Minneapolis City Council Looks to Abolish Police Department, Replace Officers with Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals


Wall Street Shocked As Economy Adds 2.5 Million Jobs, Unemployment Drops to 13.3%

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Project Veritas Infiltrated Antifa: “It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy”

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Thursday 6/4/20

Feds Are Already Going After “Leaders of ANTIFA And Other Organizations”: DHS Secretary


NY Times Issues Apology for Publishing Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed


ANTIFA to Be Bused to Area of Sparta, Illinois With Orders to Burn Farmhouses, Kill Livestock in Rural “White” Areas


Group Started By Mom Dedicated to Ending Transgender Story Hour Deleted From Facebook for Third Time


Two 5G Stations to Be Installed On Top of Mt. Everest Says China


White House Plans $1 Trillion for Next Stimulus


Vegas Has Reopened and It Looks Like it Hasn’t Skipped a Beat


Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick: We Need to Return God to Our Lives, “We Cannot Heal Through More Laws”


Evidence Emerges Violent Riots Are Being Orchestrated, DOJ to Investigate


“We Still Expect to Be Paid”: Mall Company Sues Gap for $70M


“Break Up Amazon”: Tesla’s Elon Musk


Protestors Vandalize Ghandi (Architect of Non-Violent Political Protests) Statue Outside of Indian Embassy

Oh, Nevermind – Researchers Retract Study That Found Hydroxychloroquine Is Not Effective in Treating Covid19


Comptroller Scott Stringer Wants NYC’s Mayor De Blasio to Cut NYPD Funding by $1 Billion


Billionaire Investor Ray Dalio: “We Are Beginning to See Democracy Slip Into Anarchy”


Canada’s Telus, BCE to Use Nokia, Ericsson to Build 5G Systems, in a Diss to China’s Huawei


Los Angeles Cutting $100-$150 Million From LAPD Budget to be “Reinvested in Black Communities and Communities of Color”


1 NYPD Officer Stabbed in Neck, 2 Others Shot in Violent Attack

All 4 Officers Involved in George Floyd’s Death Charged, in Custody


LEGO Requests Affiliate Retailers Pull Marketing for Police, Fire House, White House Play Sets in Wake of George Floyd’s Death

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Wednesday 6/3/20

Witnesses Say New York City Looters Were Organized, Chauffeured and Equipped with Power Tools: “They Seemed to Know Exactly Where They Were Going”


Virginia’s Governor Northam Unveils Plan to Remove Richmond Statue of Robert E. Lee


24-Year-Old Philly Man Dies Trying to Rig Explosives to Blow Up ATM


John Legend, Natalie Portman, Other Celebrities Sign Letter Calling for the De-Funding of Police

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Give Protestors Advice: “Cover Identifying Tattoos,” “Turn Off Face/Touch ID On Your Phone”


Deutsche Bank Faces Action From NY Regulators Over Jeffrey Epstein Connections


A German Official Has Leaked a Government Report Finding the Coronavirus Outbreak to be a “Global False Alarm”


Remdesivir, Despite Lackluster Results in Fighting Covid Could Bring in $7 Billion in Revenue to Gilead Due to Government Stockpiling


Walmart Removes Guns, Ammo From Sales Floor Amid Ongoing Protests/Riots


Germany Bans “Digital Doppelganger” Passport Photos


Thousands March in London to Protest Death of George Floyd


Trump Admin Bars Chinese Passenger Airlines From Flying to U.S.


National Guard Has Stationed 12,000 Additional Troops in Response to Civil Unrest

ANTIFA Tries to Mess with Yucaipa, CA, Get the “Ever-Loving Snot” Beat Out of Them


20-Year-Old Wanted For Inciting Riots, Escorted By Parents, Turns Himself In to Pittsburgh Police


NBA Reporter Cheers Rioters On Then Calls Them “Animals,” Tells Them to Go Back to Where They Live When They Near His Neighborhood


Is This a Blueprint to Locking Down the Nation?


Two Medical Researchers Find that a “Lab Escape is By Far the Leading Hypotheses to Explain the Origins” of Covid19


Treasury Official Running the Bailout Has Had His Firm Recoup Billion in Losses Because of U.S. Treasury Policies


Enraged Italians Ditch Masks, Protest Against Covid: “These Lungs Are Mine…Breathing is Sacred”

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Could These Riots and Protests Be the Latest Attack by Globalists on Democracy and Freedom?

First it was the Russia hoax.  And as soon as that started to fizzle out it was impeachment.  As soon as that started to fall through Coronavirus and lockdowns began.  As soon as it became clear that the Coronavirus wasn’t as devastating as initially believed mass protests and violence erupts in cities all over the country, with much of the violence instigated and encouraged by neither protestors on the left nor law enforcement on the right.

See the following stories:

Piles of Bricks Begin Appearing Throughout U.S. Cities Where Protests Are Taking Place

Worst of the Violence Being Staged? Protestor Annotates Viral Video on “Planted” Cop Car and Provocateurs

Protests Seem to Be Instigated by Third Parties

Could this be the latest attack by globalists to usher in their new world order?

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Tuesday 6/2/20

Your Smartphone Camera May Soon Allow Health Officials to Identify Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


Shocking Evidence of an Orchestrated Effort to Create Anarchy Inside the United States


Police Arrest Man “Armed to the Teeth” and Impersonating a National Guardsmen


California on the Verge of “Financial Collapse” – State Mulling Allowing Tenants to Walk Away From Commercial Leases


AP: China Withheld Genetic Information on Covid19 For Up to a Week After Being Discovered


NYC, Virginia Reject Trump Aid of National Guard Troops as Fourth Night of Protests Looms


Small Business Covid Loan Program Handed Aid to Many Companies Twice


Bank of America Pledges $1 Billion to Address Economic, Racial Inequality


“Fact-Checkers,” Do Not Censor Science!


Prestigious Medical Journal Endorses Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Covid19


“No Bias-Having” Social Media Lists “Trump” as Top Result Under Search Term “Racist”


Trump Campaign Has a Backup Plan to Social Media Bans: Its Own App


Defense Sec. Esper Gets Invite to Watch Military Parade in Red Square from the Russians


Restaurants in the Netherlands Reopen But With Robots as the Wait Staff 


Trump and Brazil’s Bolsonaro Discuss Joint Research Effort on Hydroxychloroquine to Fight Covid19 White House Says


Beleaguered Gov. Lifts Covid Stay-At-Home Order For Michiganders


Moral/Legal Arguments Against Forced Public Vaccinations


US Air Force Reaper Drone Flying Reconnaissance Missions Over U.S. Since Protests Began – Track it Here


Leftist Decry “White People” With Guns Defending Their Neighborhoods Amid the Rioting/Looting


BET Founder Robert Johnson Calls for $14 Trillion in Reparations for Slavery

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Today’s Headlines – Independent News Aggregator – Monday 6/1/20

Residents Guard Entrance to Target Store, Chant “4 More Years!” and “USA! USA!”


Journalists Beaten, Robbed During Live Report on George Floyd Protests


“Most of You Are Weak”: Trump Blasts State Govs After Weekend of Rioting/Protests


Raleigh, NC Police Chief: You Are On Your Own – “I Will Not Put an Officer in Harm’s Way to Protect the Property Inside of a Building”


University of Alabama Professor Tweets Instructions to Rioters on How to Pull Down National Monuments


George Floyd’s Murder Deliberate, Designed to Set Off Race Riots – Mike Adams


Arizona Sues Google For Tracking Android Users Location Illegally it Says


Mitch McConnell: “Next Stimulus Bill Will Be the Last,” Final Decision to Be Made in About a Month


Woman Throws Firebomb into a Police Van in NYC During Protests, Charged With Attempted Murder


The Gov’t is Doing Much More Than Collecting Our Data for Investigation Only When it’s Needed – “Contact Chaining” Means We’re All Being Watched – Constantly


Where is Ghislane Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s Longtime Associate?


George Floyd’s Brother: “My Brother Was About Peace…Don’t Tear Up Your Town”


Tensions Over Status Cause Run on Dollars in Hong Kong


NBA Star JR Smith Beats Up “White Boy” Protestor for Damaging His Truck (Warning: Graphic Language and Violence)


Rooting for the Downfall of America? Be Careful What You Wish For…


America’s Descent Into Chaos – “Purge” Message Blared as Cars are Torched


Egyptians Adopt Mask-Wearing Protocols, With Some Coercion From Authorities


Covid19 Losing Potency: “In Reality, the Virus Clinically No Longer Exists in Italy” – Top Italian Doctor


“USA Addicted to Quitting” – China Hits U.S. Over Cutting Off Spigot to WHO


Lockdowns in the First World Halt Money Flows to the Third World – By As Much As $100 Billion According to Citi


Gilead Trades Just Before Promising Findings of Anti-Covid Drug Remdesivir May Draw Regulatory Scrutiny

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Piles of Bricks Begin Appearing Throughout U.S. Cities Where Protests Are Taking Place

Update (6/1/20) 5:53PM: More bricks have been found organized and mysteriously laid out in advance of protests today in Baltimore and Texas:






Piles of bricks were found throughout the weekend in areas where there was no known construction taking place in NC, NYC and Dallas:





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