NYT Reporter, Matt Apuzzo, Alludes to Emails He Has Seen of Russian Operatives Offering Their Help Anonymously to the Trump Campaign


New York Times reporter, Matt Apuzzo, alluded to emails he has seen from Russian operatives offering their services to the Trump Campaign during 2016 election.  “Some of the emails we’ve been able to see are just remarkable…where…Russian intermediaries saying I’d like to become a campaign surrogate, I’d like to quietly go out and write op-eds for you, or speak on the campaign’s behalf without acknowledging my role.”

Apuzzo: Russians saw Papadopoulos as “way into Trump campaign”

A New York Times investigation is now disrupting an oft-repeated GOP criticism of the FBI’s Russia inquiry. Matt Apuzzo explains how his sources revealed a tip from Australian intelligence that may originate the FBI’s Russia probe with an incident…

The New York Times reported yesterday that the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign may have started after low-level campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, told an Australian diplomat that the Russian government was in possession of emails on Hillary Clinton.  The White House had been criticizing the FBI in recent weeks for using an uncorroborated dossier as the basis for the Russia investigation.

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