Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Urges President Trump to Keep Kelly


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly advised President Trump to not fire Chief of Staff John Kelly in the wake of a scandal involving a White House staffer who was working under him.  According to sources, McConnell has told the President to avoid making any significant changes to his senior level staff, including letting John Kelly go.

Kelly has come under fire in the last week after it was reported that White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter had physically and verbally abused both of his ex-wives.  Kelly originally stood by Porter and after he resigned, Kelly allegedly try to push a false timeline to other White House staffers about Porter’s departure.

McConnell has denied discussions with the President around Porter but, through a spokesman, did point to a New York Times story last month that cited other White House senior members, including White House counsel Don McGahn, has having said that he likes John Kelly and would stay if he remained.

Despite the conversations, President Trump is reportedly considering his options.  He has gauged the interest of longtime friend and financier, Tom Barrack, who has reportedly responded coolly to the proposition.  Trump is also considering House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, who has also pushed back on the reports.

“Look, there is no opening. I think Gen. Kelly is an amazing person. I watched what he’s been able to do with this White House, put structure to it, and I think those hypotheticals are not healthy in any shape or form,” McCarthy said.


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