Health Ranger Mike Adams to Black America: Know Who Your Real Enemy Is – They’re Our Enemy All

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Health Ranger Mike Adams has sent an urgent message to black Americans: your true enemies are not racist white police officers or white people in general. These are just straw men constructed to to cause division and strife. The real enemy to Black Americans (and all Americans: white, Black, Red, Green or what have you) is the same enemy to freedom-loving people all over the world: globalists.

They have many institutions at their disposal including the medical system. “The cancer system kills hundreds of thousands of black Americans every year. The cancer industry preys on black Americans knowing that people with dark skin have less vitamin D.”

“The number of black men killed by cops in American pales in comparison to the number of black men and women killed by the cancer industry,” Adams adds.

Adams also exposes the vaccine industry.  “A hundred years or more of medical experiments have been done on human beings in the United States and the vast majority of those medical experiments conducted for drug companies, and sometimes under the NIH…those experiments were almost always conducted on black people.”

You can hear Adams’ complete message here.

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