KFC Debuts “Restaurant of the Future”

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Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has debuted a futuristic restaurant model where little, if any, contact exists between workers and customers.

Orders are delivered by conveyor belt and travels to the front of the store. Once there, a robotic arm removes it from the belt and places into a secured food locker. Customers then use credit/debt cards to retrieve the order or can use a “facial recognition system.”

A representative of KFC told NBC News that the first “contactless” store, which is located in Moscow, was built months before the Coronavirus outbreak. The representative said the store will be the future of fast food restaurants because it is more sanitary.

Removing, or vastly reducing, human labor from stores will mean significant job losses around the world in years to come. There are 3.8 million people employed by fast-food restaurants in the U.S. alone.

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