Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Zach Bush on Covid19 and the Importance of Exposure to Non-Lethal Germs

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Dr. Zach Bush discusses the importance of exposure to non-lethal germs with Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Bush reminds us of the fact that viruses are not living organisms. Rather, they are naturally delivery systems for DNA that is in not just harmless at times, but is often in fact beneficial to human health and the strengthening of the human immune system.

“A virus will never you know go out into nature and do the same thing that another genome already does…it’s not necessary and so it doesn’t waste the effort of repeating itself,” Bush says.

“And so the the genome that makes us human today is a billions of years journey into the construction of the complexity and intelligence of this genomic information inserted into us by viruses. I want to emphasize how important these viral genomic things are.  These aren’t like, oh i got exposed to a germ and I accidentally integrated that into my system and now i keep it at bay. No, these are important critical updates to our adaptive capacity as human beings,” he added.

Bush also talks about the mistakes that were made by governments and international organizations in the handling of the Covid19 outbreak.

“So how is it that we have so screwed up with this Covid thing, a demonization of the very genetic code that has produced life on earth?” Bush asks.

“But unfortunately that’s what we’ve done and we’ve done it really with an ulterior motive. And it’s been interesting to see for the first time the pharmaceutical industry and the mechanisms of the WHO and CDC really show their cards for the first time and that their entire agenda seems to be targeted at the production of a multi-billion dollar vaccine,” Bush says.

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