Houston Hospital CEO Shatters Media’s Fearmongering: It’s Completely Normal to Have High Occupancy in ICUs, “That’s How Hospitals Operate”

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The CEO of Houston’s Methodist Hospital shattered the mainstream media’s apocalyptic reporting of Covid19 cases in his area.

Recent reports have warned that the ICU’s in Houston hospitals were currently at 97% and were on track to reach 100% very shortly. Boom gave an honest assessment of the real situation however.

“We do have the capacity to care for many more patients, and have lots of fluidity and ability to manage,” Boom said.

He pointed out that his hospital was at 95% ICU capacity at this time last year as well.

“It is completely normal for us to have ICU capacities that run in the 80s and 90s,” he said. “That’s how all hospitals operate.”

According to Boom the Covid19 cases he is seeing have “flipped” because mostly younger patients are coming into the hospital now for treatment. And while younger patients can and do still get very sick, very few of them require ICU beds.

“Even though we have about 200 more patients in house, about double, we only have about three or four more people in the ICE, so that’s encouraging,” Boom told CNBC.

Another area CEO had this to say about recent reports of hospitals reaching capacity:

“The TMC issued a serious statement about ICU capacity that unnecessarily alarmed our community, making it inaccurately appear that hospitals are in an imminent ICU capacity crisis. The letter was released prematurely Wednesday and it had unintended consequences.

What was intended to alert the community to the critical need to change behaviors, actually panicked the community.

Capacity is often misunderstood by media and the public and it was clear that we needed to correct the misunderstanding to best serve the public.”

Makes one wonder what the true goal of the doomsday prophecies are.

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