Hollywood Set to Release Film That Depicts Jesus as a Lesbian Woman

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Hollywood wrapped up production on a film that depicts Jesus Christ as a lesbian woman earlier this year. The film is now in post-production.

The film, Habit, stars Paris Jackson, the 22-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, as the female Jesus. Her co-star, Bella Throne, stars a street-smart girl with a “Jesus fetish” who pretends to be a nun while trying to escape from a criminal past.

The Christian Film & Television Commission (CFTC) is calling on people of all faiths to sign a petition calling on the creators of the film to stop its release.

“Your movie Habit, which takes ‘artistic liberty’ in its portrayal of Jesus Christ is profoundly disrespectful to the community of more than 2 billion Christians around the world who revere Jesus as part of their triune God,” the petition states.

“Your portrayal of Christ is such a grotesque representation that it is offensive even for those outside of the Christian faith who deny Christ’s deity but revere him as an important historical figure. This includes more than one billion Muslims around the world.”

This is just another example of the globalists war on religion and religious observance.

No release date has yet been designated so there is still time to stop the release. You can sign the petition here.

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