Senior Exec at Texas ER Chain Tells Us What’s Really Behind the Recent Covid19 “Surge”

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JB Neiman, a managing partner of a Texas-based company that owns 13 clinics in Texas, wrote to a former NYT reporter, Alex Berenson, on Twitter about what he sees as being truly behind the recent uptick in Covid19 cases in Texas.

He said he wanted “people to hear this story as opposed to the mainstream reporting.”

Neiman explained that this month his clinics tested more than 2,231 patients and that the vast majority “are mild to very mild symptoms.”

Most patients would not have met strict requirements put forth (by CDC and others) on who could get tested. Now that more tests are available, many more people are getting tested.

The vast majority of patients are better within 2-3 days and would be described only as “having a cold (a mild one at that)” or symptoms similar to allergies.

Most patients are given a steroid shot and antibiotics and by the time they have follow-up calls, the patients are no longer experiencing symptoms. “They often say the shot really made a difference,” Neiman says.

Neiman adds that hospital ICU’s are full because people are very sick with non-Covid19 issues. They didn’t come in earlier because they were scared so their conditions got progressively worse. In other words the LOCKDOWN IS CAUSING THE UPTICK in ICU cases, not Covid19.

He also wanted to reassure the public that he has heard from various sources at different hospitals in his area that they have plenty of capacity and no impending shortage of ICU beds.

Neiman concludes: “What we are seeing at our facilities is more of a positive story…You have more people who are testing positive with minimal symptoms. This means the fatality rate is less that commonly reported.”

JB is not the first health care official from Texas to speak out about the mainstream media misrepresenting what’s happening in Texas regarding Covid19. Why do they continue to run such stories in the face of individuals on the ground who say what they’re saying is not true?

You can read Neiman’s statements below.

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