St. Louis Couple That Defended Their Home From Protesters Forced to Hire Private Security, Threatened with “Bloodbath”

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Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia defended their home last week after a mob of protesters broke through a gate and entered their private community.

The couple warded the protesters off with firearms while repeatedly warning them that they were on private property and to move away.

The protesters had entered the gated community on their way to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house to demand her resignation.

This week the couple was forced to hire a private security firm when they received word from the protest group Expect Us that they were come to the couple’s home on July 3.

“We have been informed this will be a ‘bloodbath,'” Mark McCloskey wrote on Facebook, “and that we will be made the symbol of what happens to people who protect their Hearth and Home.”

The McCloskey’s indicated that St. Louis police told them they would not provide help and that private companies would not risk their reputations to protect them.

Photos taken of the couple’s home by reporters shows armed guards on their balcony.

The police were reportedly at their home earlier on Friday as well.

Protesters did show up at the McCloskeys, staged a rally, and then continued their march past the home, according to reports.

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