FBI May Have Had Confidential Informant Inside Trump White House

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Government watchdog Judicial Watch, through a Freedom of Information Request, has obtained transcripts of emails between former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page – among others – that seem to show the FBI had a confidential informant inside of the Trump White House.

In an email sent by Strzok to Bill Priestap, the Former Assistant Director for the Counterintelligence Division, Strzok references a confidential informant inside of the Trump White House.

“I heard from [redacted] about the WH CI briefing routed from [redacted],” wrote Strzok. “I am angry that Jen did not at least cc: me, as my branch has pending investigative matters there, this brief may play into our investigative strategy, and I would like the ability to have visibility and provide thoughts/counsel to you in advance of the briefing. This is one of the reasons why I raised the issue of lanes/responsibilities that I did when you asked her to handle WH detailee interaction.” 

That email was sent the day after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were removed from the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion after it was revealed that the two harbored strong biases against President Trump and may have acted on them in their capacities as law enforcement officials in charge of investigations into the Trump administration. It was also revealed that the two were having an affair.

President Trump’s administration has long been plagued by leaks and people who have admitted to working against it from the inside.

Last week Axios reported that new White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is reportedly feeding information to certain staffers, in a test to see which information leaks out. The trap is an effort to find actors within the administration who are not loyal to the president.

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