Austin Police Confirm Release of Driver Show Shot and Killed ANTIFA Protester Garret Foster

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On Saturday night a conflict between ANTIFA protesters and a motorist turned deadly when gunfire was exchanged and a protester was struck. That protester, Garret Foster, died as a result of his wounds.

Austin police now confirm the shooter has been released, as they continue the investigation of the events surrounding that night.

Witnesses report that just before 10pm on Saturday, a car turned onto a street toward protesters in Austin, Texas. The driver starting honking his horn. The vehicle stopped in the roadway and Foster, who was visibly armed with an AK-47 strapped across his chest, approached the driver’s side window. Other protester’s began striking the car.

The driver then opened fire, hitting Foster.

The motorist subsequently called authorities and told them someone he had shot someone. He reported Foster pointed his weapon at them before the shooting.

Police have found that Foster did not discharge his weapon, but that someone else in the crowd did fire upon the car as it left the scene.

Authorities have not yet determined what charges, if any, the shooter will face. They say so far, he is cooperating with the investigation.

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