Radio Host Who Defended Peaceful Protesters from President Trump Laments Apartment Complex Destroyed by Rioters: “I Need to Buy a Firearm”

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Seattle radio host Paul Gallant took to Twitter to defend peaceful protesters against President Trump last month when the President decried the “anarchists takeover” of Seattle.

“These terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and [liberal Democrats] think it is just wonderful, even the death. Must end this Seattle takeover now!” the President wrote at the time.

“Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging or deaths. Chill dawg,” Gallant responded smugly to the President.

But Saturday, when Gallant returned to his apartment complex to find extensive damage done to the structure by rioters, he was singing a different tune.

“Came home to my apartment complex. The Starbucks underneath has been destroyed, and cops are telling us to stay away in case something explosive is inside,” Gallant wrote.

He went on to post pictures of the damage and other details about the scene.

“Unrelated, there’s a fire a few blocks from me which had me freaked out when I saw it from the highway. Zero clue what’s going on, but the cat and I are g’ing t f out,” he wrote.

Then he went on to write about his frustration with…the anarchists.

“I feel like I need to buy a firearm, because clearly this is going to keep happening. Enough is enough. It looks like a block party down the street from me. Really angry right now,” he wrote.

Other Twitter users were eager to point out Gallant’s hypocrisy.

Still other users were more circumspect in their assessment.

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