Save the Children Rally in Lynchburg, VA, Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking

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A group of protesters took to the streets of Lynchburg, VA, last week to bring awareness to child trafficking in the U.S. The rally was organized by Kaitlyn Edwards who said she wanted to use World Day Against Trafficking, celebrated July 30, to bring a message of unity and hope.

“I think the biggest message we want to get across is that America, and Lynchburg specifically, are not immune to human trafficking and child exploitation,” Edwards said.

Edwards highlighted are several ways individuals can get involved in preventing trafficking. You can speak out by spreading the word on social media, advocate by calling local lawmakers or donating, she says.

She also urges parents to monitor their children’s internet access and for schools to teach children about online safety.

Operation Underground Railroad, of which Edwards is a part, looks to bring awareness to human trafficking. The group reports having rescued 3,800 victims in the past six years and assisted in the arrests of more than 2,100 traffickers around the world.

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