Woman Tells Portland Rioters: I’m “Tired of Y’all,” “Make Sure Ya’ll Clean Up When Y’all Done”

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A woman who apparently has had enough of the nightly rioting and civil unrest in her city of Portland, OR, exited her vehicle in the early morning hours on Tuesday and gave protesters gathered on the streets an earful.

“I’m tired of y’all walking around this city. Time to clean up, bro,” the woman scolded the crowd by saying.

Protesters began confronting her while another man in the crowd implored her to get back in her car and leave, presumably for her own safety.

“Alright, bro, I want to make sure you clean up when y’all done,” the woman responded.

The woman acknowledged the purpose of the protest but made clear she felt the protesters had responsibilities to the city’s residents as well.

“I understand everybody got a purpose, but when y’all done, you’ve gotta clean up the streets,” the woman said before getting in her car and leaving.

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