Harris Faulkner Tries to Clean Up Awkward George Soros Moment, Can’t Obscure Fox News History of Censoring Critics of Billionaire

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Fox News Host Harris Faulkner tried her best to clean up after an awkward moment this week in which former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R) criticized George Soros’ role in funding district attorney campaigns all over the country.

“So, we had a little incident on the show yesterday that was not smooth,” Faulkner said. “And while I was leading that segment, we had interruptions and I sat silently while all of that played out, also not ideal. Our guest former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is beloved and needed to be allowed to speak with the openness and respect that this show is all about, was interrupted. Do we debate with fire here? Yes! But we must also give each other the space to express ourselves.”

“As the only original member of this six-year-old amazing daytime ride known as Outnumbered, I especially want to rock and roll with every voice and perspective at the table,” she added. “We don’t censor on this show.”

Faulkner’s statement seems to contradict a history the network has of censoring guests who bring up the name of the billionaire financier, however.

From Mediaite:

“The network has faced issues with guests mentioning Soros since 2018, when Judicial Watch Investigations Director Chris Farrell suggested during a segment on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business program that Soros had funded a migrant caravan headed to the United States from Central America. Left-wing groups including Soros’ Open Society Foundations said the comments were anti-Semitic, connecting them to the fact that Soros is Jewish. Fox subsequently banned Farrell from future appearances.

The Open Society Foundations similarly asked Fox to ban conservative attorney Joe diGenova in 2019 after he argued on Dobbs’ program that Soros “controls a very large part of the career foreign service” in the State Department. That effort was not successful, and diGenova has continued to appear on the network.”

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said this week that there is a “rule” against mentioning George Soros.

“But the rule is if you invoke the name George Soros then you’re anti-semitic because Soros is Jewish…that’s what the ladies were responding to…why are they buying into that? This is a factual story,” O’Reilly said.

“George Soros is using his billions of dollars to undermine the justice system in the United States, in my opinion, and in Newt Gingrich’s opinion. And we have our stats to back it up. And we can’t discuss that? Something really, really wrong is going on.”

Watch the video of Faulkner here.

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