Steve Bannon: “Biden is a Cipher…Trump is Going to Win the Vote on the Only Day That Matters: Nov. 3”

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Former White House adviser Steve Bannon took to Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday to talk about the upcoming Presidential election.

He warned of the danger big tech companies are going to pose to accurate election reporting through censorship.

“They’re already saying, both Facebook and Twitter, that they’re not going to announce a winner.  Here’s what’s going to happen.  Donald J. Trump is going to win the vote on the only day that matters.  That’s November 3rd.”

“By that evening he will be the winner,” Bannon continued. “What they’re going to do is between the lawfare they’ve got with 800 attorneys under Eric Holder.  The mob they’ve got with Antifa and the radical elements of Black Lives Matter. But most importantly the digital muscle with Facebook and Twitter, they’re going to sit there and they’re going to not declare Trump the winner.”

He predicted a victory for President Trump but then the beginning of the “real contest” afterward.

“I think Biden is a cipher. He can’t draw a crowd. So i think I think the President is doing great. I see a victory on November third…and then maybe the real contest begins,” he said.

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