36 Shot in Chicago This Weekend, Homicides Up 50% Year Over Year

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The Chicago Sun Times reports that at least 36 people were shot in Chicago over this past weekend, 9 fatally. The prior weekend saw 42 people shot, 12 fatally.

All this after a particularly deadly Labor Day holiday weekend that saw 51 people shot, and 10 people killed.

Chicago has been dealing with a deadly spate of violence in recent months. So far this year, homicides are up 52% over the same period last year. The majority of the victims – including all of the victims from this past weekend – have been young Black men.

Additionally, 55 police officers have been shot at, and 10 have been shot, according to Police Superintendent David Brown.

“There’s not a comparable year. That’s five times any previous year anyone can recall,” he said. “We’re risking everything.”

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