Mike Adams: Trump’s Use of Military Vaccine Deployment Cover Story for Invoking Insurrection Act to Put Down Post-Election Globalist Uprising

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Health Ranger Mike Adams writes that President Trump’s plan to use the U.S. military to help with the deployment of a Covid19 vaccine (known procedurally as “Operation Warp Speed”) is a really a clever cover story.

Trump’s real plan, Adam says, is to deploy military and military police to strategic points all over the country to prepare to invoke the Insurrection Act. That will be used to put down the leftist revolution that globalists and communists are preparing to initiate should Trump be victorious in November.

“We now believe, for reasons outlined here, that the ‘military deployment’ of vaccines is a cover story,” Adams writes. “Trump is using the vaccine issue to place military units in position all across the nation to prepare for a post-election invocation of the Insurrection Act which would activate the military to confront and arrest or eliminate domestic terrorists across the country.”

“In other words, Trump isn’t really leaping in with the vaccine industry as much as we once feared. ‘Operation Warp Speed’ isn’t really a vaccine operation but rather a national security operation that will put US troops on the streets of every American city in an effort to restore the rule of law, arrest treasonous actors (including mayors and governors) and put down left-wing terrorists,” Adams adds.

We have reported in the past that the Left is planning to use massive protests in this nation after the election to negotiate a package of reforms that will degrade Constitutional norms.

The Transition Integrity Project’s own report states:

“In one instance, Team Biden’s strategy – in anticipation of an ultimate loss – was to strengthen its hand [with “mass mobilization”] in order to negotiate a package of structural reforms to the democratic system (including making DC and Puerto Rico states, abolishing the Electoral College, and requiring Supreme Court justices to retire at 70).”

You can read Adams’ piece in its entirety here.

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