Tucker Carlson: According to the Left We Must Obey Ginsburg’s Final Words as if They Were Religious Text

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson covered what he called the Left’s extreme reaction to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday. He gave a blistering account of the stance the Left has taken on Ginsburg’s death and how we, as a nation, need to move forward with regards to it.


“As you know, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away from cancer….We ought to mark a person’s passing with a bow of respect, take a moment for humility and perspective, and meditate on the fragility of our own lives and the lives of those we love.”

“Remember that death is the one thing that unites every human being.”

“The Left by contrast, made no attempt at all. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they told us, single-handedly kept America from descending into fascism and tyranny. Now that she’s gone, only her words can keep us safe.”

“Not matter how much you like her or agreed with her she was, in the end, a single judge in a country of 350 million people. She was not God. Yet according to the Left, Ginsburg was all we had. We must obey her dying words as if they were religious text. Her final wish supersedes our founding documents. What would Ruth Bader Ginsburg do? We must ask ourselves that and then do it.”

“That’s why we must substitute an 87-year-old woman’s final wish for the Constitutionally prescribed process for filling a Supreme Court seat. That’s what they’re arguing. Got that? Pretty amusing.”

President Trump has said he plans to announce a nominee to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat on Saturday from the White House.

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