Kim Klacik, Candidate for Congress in Baltimore: “Our Democrat Leaders Have Done Nothing for Us”

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Kim Klacik, a Republican candidate for Congress from Baltimore, has released another ad that is creating excitement.

In August, Klacik released an ad in which she challenged voters to name one Democrat-run city in which Black lives have gotten better.

“It’s not just Baltimore. The worst place for a Black person to live in America is a Democrat controlled city. It’s 2020. Name a blue city where Black people’s lives have gotten better? Try, I’ll wait,” Klacik asked smartly.

This week the Klacik campaign has released a second ad that picks up on the message of the first.

“Tens of millions of you have shared the struggle of Black people in Baltimore,” she says in the slickly-produced ad. “You lifted our voices, you cared about our Black lives more than our own Democrat leaders. They have done nothing for us. Now they can’t hide. It’s time for change. We are that change,” she said.

Klacik vowed to focus on economic development and ending the “school to prison pipeline” that exists in Baltimore.

Earlier this month, she earned the endorsement of President Trump.

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