Unemployment Checks Are Bouncing

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Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands reported last week that unemployment checks, issued to them by the U.S. Department of Labor, were bouncing.

“People here suffering and you’re telling me they are sending out checks and don’t have any money in the account,” a resident told the VI Consortium. That person’s check was for over $300.

“My unemployment check bounced and now my bank account is in the negative. It’s really hard in a time of need,” another resident told Consortium by Facebook message.

“Two of my checks bounced from the Dept. of Labor,” a third said, also via Facebook.

The Department says the issue was due to DOL accounts not being replenished before beneficiaries attempted to clear their checks.

“There were reports of a timing issue, with the settlement of the draw made by V.I.D.O.L. and the transmission of funds to the bank, that affected the clearing process,” the Department said. “Some checks deposited from banks other than Banco Popular may have incurred some issues.”

“Bank representatives advise the department that individuals who are affected should retain and redeposit those checks,” it added.

Photo by NCinDC via Flickr

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