CIA Chief Haspel Banking on Trump Losing to Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden

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CIA Director Gina Haspel is betting on President Trump losing November’s election in order to keep Russiagate documents secret.

Haspel served under former CIA Director John Brennan as the chief of station in London in 2016 and 2017. She is reportedly concerned that the declassification of documents detailing CIA actions during the 2016 election and 2017 transition could embarrass the Agency and even implicate Haspel herself.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified documents yesterday appearing to show Brenann confirming the existence of a “plan” to tie Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from [Hillary Clinton’s] use of a private email server.”

That plan was allegedly devised by the Clinton campaign and approved by Hillary Clinton herself. The documents show Brennan briefed former President Barack Obama on the plan in July 2016, at the height of that year’s presidential election.

“Haspel and [FBI Director Christopher] Wray both want Trump to lose, because it’s the only chance they have of keeping their jobs,” a senior intelligence official told The Federalist. “They’re banking on Biden winning and keeping them where they are.”

The Federalist reported last week that Haspel has emerged as the primary roadblock to the declassification of incriminating materials on the origins of the Russia investigation in the U.S. government.

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