WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin Wants to Defund Walter Reed Because They Cured President Trump

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The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin wrote Monday that Congress should consider defunding Walter Reed Medical Center. The response came after President Trump’s announcement that he was “feeling good” and would be leaving the center after being successfully treated for Covid19.

The President’s medical team said on Monday that Mr. Trump had “met or exceeded” discharge protocol, and that while the president remains contagious and would not be fully “out of the woods” for another week, he was expected to continue his recovery at the White House.

Rubin tweeted in response, “If he falls ill and relapses or infects anyone else his doctors will be responsible.”

She then proceeded to go on a tirade because the President was allowed to leave the Center on Monday. Here is a fraction of what she tweeted after the President’s announcement:

Rubin has been mocked for claiming to be a “conservative blogger.” She now calls herself a “Never Trump, pro-democracy opinion writer.”

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center serves more than 150,000 active and retired individuals from all branches of the military. It admits 16,000 patients a year.

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