Donald Trump: Fox News Now a “Big Obstacle,” “No Longer Great”

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President Trump criticized Fox News during his two-hour co-hosting session with Rush Limbaugh on Limbaugh’s radio show Friday.

“You have such an incredible audience. So I can tell them about Fox being a big obstacle,” the President said. “It’s a problem. Fox is a problem.”

The President blamed the network’s being more critical of him on former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R), who now sits on the company’s board. Ryan has been a critic of Mr. Trump’s in the past.

“When Roger Ailes ran Fox, I mean, Roger had a very strong point of view. It’s totally gone,” Trump said. “And I think it’s influenced by Paul Ryan.”

Trump also criticized Fox on Mark Levin’s radio show.

“One of the biggest differences is Fox,” he told Levin. “Fox is a whole different ballgame than it used to be. Fox was great. Fox was great. Fox is no longer great,” he said.

Levin, who hosts a weekend show on Fox, noted that he might get some complaints from Fox executives about Mr. Trump’s comments.

“I say it on Fox. I don’t care,” Trump replied. “What difference does it make at this point?”

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