Reporter Shocked to Find Zero Supporters Outside of Biden/Harris Event: “It’s Kinda Boring Out Here”

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Local Fox 10 reporter Nicole Garcia found zero supporters at a campaign event where both Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his vice-presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, were campaigning together in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Not a lot of fanfare out here, there’s really not much to see…it’s kind of boring out here,” Garcia says as she steps out of the way to reveal a barren stretch of roadway behind her.

“We don’t see people rallying outside, we don’t see signs or really much of what’s going on,” Garcia added.

She went on to explain that the campaign kept the details of the visit hidden because the candidates wanted “to keep the crowds to a minimum.”

The Biden campaign has been having trouble drawing crowds to rallies and events.

We reported yesterday on the huge disparity in enthusiasm in “car parades” held in South Florida for the Biden and Trump campaigns respectively. Mr. Trump’s caravan got an estimated 30,000 participants – Biden’s got 15.

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