Commission Largely Excludes Foreign Policy from Next Debate – Days After Bombshell New York Post Story on Bidens Peddling Influence to Foreigners

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The Presidential Debate Commission announced on Friday that foreign policy would not be the main focus of the second presidential debate between VP Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. The second debate is set to take place this Thursday.

Instead the topics to be covered are: fighting Covid19; American Families; Race in America; Climate Change; National Security; and Leadership.

They bear striking similarity to the topics covered in the first debate: Covid-19; The Economy; Race and Violence in our Cities; The Integrity of the Election; The Supreme Court; and Trump and Biden’s Records.

The respective campaigns had long negotiated foreign policy being the majority-focus of this debate.

The decision to shift topics came just days after The New York Post published a story detailing an influence-peddling operation conducted by the Bidens with actors from foreign countries such as Ukraine and China.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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