Scott Johnston: “The ‘Shy’ Trump Voter is a Real Thing, and It’s What the Pollsters May be Missing”

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Author Scott Johnston penned an opinion piece for, in which he describes his experience of going to a Trump rally. It was “eye-opening,” he says.

Johnston writes:

“If polls didn’t exist, who would you say was winning the election right now?

It’s a serious question. Would it be the guy who has massive rallies every day, many of them spontaneous, or the guy who stays in his basement every day, drawing scant crowds the rare times he comes up for air?…

The enthusiasm gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon…

Today, I went to a Trump rally. I wanted to see one up close for myself, and it was an eye-opening experience.

The rally had about three hundred cars. There were no prominent speakers or otherwise big draws. Just random people. There were truckers and bikers, and even a guy in a Bentley. Interestingly, more than fifty percent were women. I recognized a few that I knew, and was surprised they were on the Trump side of the fence. They told me they typically have to keep their views close to the vest. Cancel culture.

Which brings me to the whole idea of the “shy” Trump voter. This is a real thing, and it’s what the pollsters may be missing. It’s people who won’t talk to a pollster, or if they do, are reluctant to say they are voting for Trump.

On the other side, literally, no one gets excited about Joe Biden. I don’t think Jill Biden gets excited about Joe Biden. Is animus towards the other guy enough to get someone elected? Not impossible, but you tell me the last time it happened…

One thing’s for sure: this election is make or break for the pollsters. Everything – everything – we see around us with our own eyes cuts against what they are saying. If they get this wrong, either through bias or procedural error, the whole industry deserves to be thrown on the ash heap.”

You can read Johnston’s piece in its entirety here.

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