New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Early Release of Thousands of Inmates From Prison Starting the Day After Election Day

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) has signed a bill authorizing the early release of thousands of inmates starting the day after Election Day.

An estimated 2,088 prisoners will be released from prison early on Nov. 4, with about 1,000 more inmates set to be released before their sentences expire through January of 2021.

The releases will reduce New Jersey’s prison population by as much as 20%, The New York Times reported.

Murphy said in a statement that releasing the prisoners early is an attempt to “combat Covid19” by allowing “for…social distancing.”

Inmates convicted of murder or aggravated sexual assault will be ineligible for early release under the new law. Sex offenders will be eligible for early release if they have not been determined to have committed “repetitive, compulsive” acts.

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