Administrative Changes in Wisconsin Election Rules Puts Tens of Thousands of Votes into Question

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Wisconsin election supervisors made significant changes to state voting rules. The changes have called the legitimacy of tens of thousands of ballots into question.

Biden is currently leading in Wisconsin by 20,000 votes.

Just the News identifies the three rule changes as follows:

  • Permitted local county election clerks to cure spoiled ballots by filling in missing addresses for witnesses even though state law invalidates any ballot without a witness address.
  • Exempted as many as 200,000 citizens from voter ID rules by allowing them to claim the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to be “indefinitely confined.”
  • Failed to purge 130,000 names from outdated voter rolls as required by law.

Under Wisconsin state law only the state legislature can change the way elections are conducted.

The Trump campaign has officially asked for a recount in Wisconsin, and President Trump’s legal team has brought lawsuits in several states addressing the substantial voting irregularities seen throughout the country during the election.

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