American Truckers Talk of Striking on November 29th – “The Day We Take This Country Back”

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Videos of truckers talking of striking are going viral on social media. The potential work stoppage comes in response to forced Covid19 lockdowns, as well as the results of this week’s election.

“As of now the word is November 29th,” says one trucker. “November 29th, we park and we don’t move. “November 29th is the day we take this country back,” he adds. “Spread the word. It’s our time. We say what happens…[It’s] about to get real.”

Another driver asks, “We’ve been out here in the middle of this pandemic this whole time bringing you s— and how do you thank us? You close down the restaurants that we eat at…then you close down our rest stops. Now in Wyoming they’re talking about not even plowing the highways this winter because they can’t afford it.”

“And to top it all off, 70 million of you guys voted against the trucking industry, against first responders, against oil and gas – we ain’t gonna forget this shit, you already have but we won’t,” he adds.

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