IT Contractor for Dominion Software – Same Michigan Ballots Counted Over and Over Happened “Countless Times”

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Mellissa Carone, an IT Contractor for Dominion Software, says she witnessed the same ballots being counted over and over again in a polling station in Detroit, Michigan, during the election.

Carone was sent to Detroit to provide technical support for the ballot-counting process. She has come forward and signed an affidavit outlining the vote manipulation she witnessed.

She  witnessed poll workers scanning the same ballots over and over “countless times,” she says. She also witnessed election workers filling out ballots, fraudulently signing ballots and unloading vans in an area of the facility to which she was assigned that she was not allowed to inspect.

Dominion provides voting software services to 30 states in the nation. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (CA) husband, Richard Blum, is a majority shareholder in the firm.

Carone says she was scheduled to appear on Fox News‘ Sean Hannity program last night but they cancelled her appearance 30 minutes before showtime.

You can watch a full interview Carone gave to Ridpill78 after Hannity’s show cancelled on her here.

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