Whistleblower Describes Nevada Biden/Harris Van in Where Mail-In Ballots Were Filled Out Outside of Polling Station

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A whistleblower in Nevada has come forward with an allegation that mail-in ballots were improperly filled out in a Biden/Harris campaign vehicle outside of a polling station.

The claims were made in a sworn affidavit by the individual who was an election worker in Clark County, Nevada, one of the most hotly-contested counties in the nation.

From The Washington Examiner:

The biggest shock claim, though, dealt with improperly filled out ballots in the van belonging to supporters of presumptive President-elect Joe Biden, whom he saw while on a lunch break walk on Oct. 28 or 29.

“I personally witnessed two people handing multiple unopened mail in ballot envelopes to two other people who then opened and filled out the ballots against the side of the Biden/Harris van,” the affidavit said. “The same two people who marked the ballots then put the marked ballots in official pink and white envelopes. These people were not poll workers.”

affidavit continued: “By my final walking lap, there were 5 or 6 additional people who formed a human wall, which moved as I walked by, apparently in an attempt to block my view of the four people who were opening envelopes, marking ballots, and placing those ballots in the pink and white return envelopes.”

The whistleblower recalled reporting the incident to a supervisor, who then called the Clark County Elections Office, to no avail. “Someone there told her nothing could be done about the ballots or envelopes being handled outside at the Biden/Harris area,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit. 

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