Steve Cortes: Biden’s Statistical Performance in the Election is as Improbable as Pitching a Perfect Game in the World Series Four Games in a Row

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Steve Cortes, radio host and former Trump campaign advisor, laid out the case for the statistical improbability of Joe Biden’s performance on Election Day. He joined Steve Bannon’s Warroom last night to talk about some of his findings.

“It was a numerical perfect storm,” Cortes said in describing the Biden performance. “He got everything right in every exact place where he needed to get it right.”

Cortes has detailed 4 specific areas of anomaly that are unlikely to have occurred naturally: turnout, outperforming Obama, Biden-only ballots and absence of mail-in vote vetting. Additionally, Cortes says, these phenomena occurred only in battleground states. Very little of them was seen in settled states.

“That would be like sweeping the World Series – winning all four games – to sweep the World Series, with perfect games. Is it theoretically possible? Yes, it is. Is it likely? Hell no.”

Because of that Cortes says, votes in battleground states need to be audited, not recounted.

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