Lawsuit: When Republican Monitors Showed Up for Scheduled Recount of Votes in Georgia, They Were Told it had “Just Finished”

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A lawsuit brought by attorney Lin Wood in Georgia alleges that Republican monitors were told to report for the vote recount in that state at a certain time, only to be told upon arrival that the recount had already concluded.

Amanda Coleman, for example, was told to arrive at the recount facility between 8-9am on November 15. Upon her arrival she was told the recount had “just finished.”

Maria Deidrich arrived at the recount facilty at 8am on November 15. By 9:15am officials announced that the recount was complete and sent everyone home. Diedrich says according to officials, all of the absentee ballots had been counted the night before and were already “boxed up” and so couldn’t be further inspected.

Susan Voyles, a non-partisan poll manager for Fulton County, observed many irregularities, according to the lawsuit, including a batch of “pristine” ballots that appeared to be machine-marked. The vast majority of them were for Joe Biden.

There was no actual “hand” recounting, according to Voyles. Rather, County Officials simply conducted another machine count of the ballots.

The lawsuit seeks to bar the state from certifying the results of the presidential election.

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