Sidney Powell: We May Have Never Known About the Fraud Where it Not for the Overwhelming Votes President Trump Got – It “Broke the Algorithm”

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Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell came forward with stunning allegations of election fraud in this year’s election using voting software systems from Dominion, Smartmatic and other firms.

One of the most characteristic features of the software is an algorithm that is plugged in that automatically shifts votes from one candidate to another. In the case of the Nov. 3 presidential election, from President Trump to Joe Biden.

We may never have uncovered the fraud, Powell says, were it not for the “overwhelming” number of votes President Trump received in the election. The sheer number of votes “broke the algorithm,” Powell says, and that’s what lead to voting being abruptly “paused” by several battleground states on election night while jurisdictions scrambled to find ballots to make up the deficit.

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