Google Ad Manager: “Trust and Safety” Sets Their Own Standards for Hate Speech

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Google Attacks Petition Signed by 15,000 Doctors, Medical Professionals as Disinformation – “Memory-Holes” Great Barrington Declaration

Google is trying to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration, an online petition signed by more than 20,000 doctors and medical professionals calling for an end to the Covid19 lockdowns.

Here is an excellent thread by Twitter user @boriquagato detailing …

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Google Drops Thousands of Apps from its Marketplace Under Election “Misinformation” Rules

Google announced this week that it has banned thousands of apps from its Play Store under its election “misinformation” rules.

The tech giant wrote that the apps were banned for “engaging in deceptive bebehavior, generating manipulated content without the appropriate …

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Google Routinely Sharing Far-Right User’s Data with Law Enforcement – Guardian

Documents reviewed exclusively by The Guardian show Google regularly forwarded detailed personal information on the company’s users to members of a counter-terrorism center in California’s Bay Area.

The users were often associated with the far right.

Further analysis finds Google …

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Twitter: Russian Bots Retweeted Trump Nearly 470,000 Times During Final Weeks of the Election

Twitter revealed to Congressional lawmakers this week that Russian bots, or automated accounts, retweeted the president nearly 470,000 times during the final weeks of the presidential election.  The company had reported that it has identified 201 accounts linked to …

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