Scientists Call for Mandatory Covid Vaccine – Penalties for Noncompliance Should be “Relatively Substantial”

Scientists from Stanford, Indiana and Yale Universities are calling for a “vaccine mandate” when a Covid19 inoculation becomes available.

“Employment suspension or stay-at-home orders,” should be issued, but fines should be discouraged because they can be legally challenged, and “may …

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Microsoft Introduces Social Distancing AI Software Dubbed “People Analytics”

Microsoft has launched software that can count the number of individuals in an enclosed area and the distance between them.

In a virtual event, Microsoft launched Ignite Saptial Analysis, which is intended to help video surveillance systems identify individuals …

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College Student Enrolled in Virtual Classes & Never On Campus, Suspended for Attending Party in Violation of Covid19 Rules

A New York University senior has been suspended indefinitely for attending a party that was in violation of the University’s Covid19 compliance rules. The student, whose identity has been withheld due to privacy concerns, is enrolled in virtual classes and …

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Facebook Being Sued For Allegedly Accessing Smartphone Cameras to Spy on Instagram Users

A lawsuit filed in …

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Surveillance State Implemented: China Combines Covid Contact Tracing, Social Credit Score Programs

The Chinese Communist Party has combined its Covid19 “track and trace” program with the country’s social credit score program.

The mark is now known as a person’s “civilization score” and depending on that score, citizens are placed into …

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Activist Has Door Broken Down, is Arrested for Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protest in Australia

Police in Melbourne, Australia, broke down the door to a home and arrested a man, for organizing a

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Michigan College Looks to Create “Covid Bubble,” To Track Students’ Movements At All Times

Albion College, in Albion, MI, is looking to create a “Covid-bubble” on campus this term. The school is asking students to stay within a 4.5-mile perimeter for the entire semester. If a student leaves the campus for unauthorized reasons, an …

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