Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Partnering with Pro-Chinese Communist Party Association

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter has partnered with a pro-Chinese Communist Party organization to “dismantle the organizing principle of [American] society.”

The “Donate” page of “Black Futures Lab,” a venture of Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, …

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Russian Hackers Attacked the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Sought to Blame North Korea

Russian military hackers launched a cyberattack against hundreds of South Korean computers in an effort to disrupt the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics being held in PyeongChang.  The attacks resulted in interruptions to internet and broadcast services, as well …

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Millions of Americans Believe God Made Donald Trump President, According to New Book

Millions of Americans believe Donald Trump becoming president was a matter of Divine inspiration according to the book, “God and Donald Trump.”  The book details Trump’s early support among a subset of evangelical Christians called charismatic Pentecostals.  Charismatics believe …

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